A Documentary of Love, Sacrifice and Hope

A one-hour documentary about three daughters, who each have a parent at a different stage of young-onset Alzheimer’s – and their attempt to have as normal a relationship as possible with their parent – even though they know that one day that parent will not remember who they are.

About The Daughters of ALZ

During filming a PSA for Alzheimer’s Greater Los Angeles, the founders of Awesomesauce were deeply moved by the stories of those living with Alzheimer’s and of their caregivers.

We were not aware of young-onset Alzheimer’s – when symptoms begin before age 65 – and we were strongly affected by three of our interviewees who are daughters with a parent who had been diagnosed with young-onset Alzheimer’s. Each when the daughters were only in their teens.

Our intention for the documentary I Was Once Your Daughter, is to bring awareness to young-onset Alzheimer’s and to drive funding for the relief of those suffering and the on-going support of those providing care.

We are currently meeting with corporations, institutions and grant-making organizations to raise funds to make the documentary. Please contact us to participate.

To learn more about I Was Once Your Daughter and/or to provide funding, please get in touch with us:

Corporate Participation

Sylvia Versace: sylvia@awesomesaucecontent.com


Individual Participation

Ingrid Graham: ingridgraham4@gmail.com


Community Participation

Ashley Bornancin: ashley.bornancin@gmail.com



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